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At Stucco Dr, 
We specialize in lath and plaster in both residental and commercial construction. Our work ranges from the smallest stucco patch job to a re-stucco complete home. Our expert staff can match any texture and can apply lath & plaster "stucco" to many surface including foam molding, textures, designs, wood, and metal sidings. 

We have a variety of services including:
La Habra Products: We use only the best when it comes to quality in stucco. Any texture can be created from a Smooth Mission Finish, Skip Trowel, Lace, Machine Dash, Sand (Course or Fine), and custom textures that meets the eye of the beholder. 
Before Painting consider Re-Stuccoing 
Paint has it's pros of bringing an instant new look on the exterior of your home but in the long run, it is not as economical with sun blistering, maintenance, and having to repaint every few years. The beauty behind stucco is it being a cement byproduct allowing it's permeability with moisture and having immunity to high temperatures of the Desert's U.V. Rays. Stucco also has a large selection of colors too choose from.
**Guranteed Fastest Service**
Residential Homes 1-3 weeks
Patch Work 1-3 days
"Plastering is messy! At first, it looked like a bomb went off on my house. Stucco Dr.'s prep work made it seem as if they were never there. Very clean.",

Gary & Nina (Cathedral City,CA)
Why Choose Stucco?
Stucco has its many colors and textures to choose from. Stucco can be seen as cosmetic eye candy in which demands curbside appeal. Re-stuccoing your home is a sound investment and will add maximum value to your home. Stucco has savings on both energy costs during the hot summer days, in the Coachella Valley, stucco is immune to the sun's strong U.V. rays giving stucco a long term value.