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Would you trust an unlicensed or uninsured doctor to operate on your heart?
Of course not! So why leave your stucco needs in the hands of an uninsured contractor?

At Stucco Dr., we are proud to be the Coachella Valley's leading plaster and lath team that is fully insured and bonded for every stucco service we provide. This means that we know how to complete your job, and should anything unexpected occur, you won't be left with the mess. 
Stucco Dr. treats every client's home or business as if it were our own, and we won't finish a job until you are completely satisfied with the final result!

Multi-Family & HOA Communities

Stucco Dr performs stucco repairs throughout the Coachella Valley, fixing leaks and saving your HOA unnecessary costs related to third-party management and design. Not only do our teams have the experience and expertise to take on any stucco repair job, they also have the discipline and dedication to accomplish their goals while maintaining the safest, most efficient construction sites in the industry. At Stucco Dr, we guarantee

Stucco Dr specializes in completing smaller repairs before they become big headaches. Tackling a job at the first sign of a problem helps save HOAs money, because repairs are cheaper when they’re done early — before the issue gets bad.

At Stucco Dr, we handle it all — no job is too big or too small. This is one reason we have been able to run a thriving business for more than 43 years. The valuable experience he has gained over the years has translated into expert workmanship and the trust and respect of customers and colleagues throughout the Desert.

Save money: Call Stucco Dr today and make an appointment for us to come out to perform your HOA’s exterior repairs.


Investing in the exterior of your home is an important investment. Before you spend your money, spend some time evaluating the stucco company who may be doing your work. We are proud to put our track record and reputation for quality up against any competitor.


Confirm that the Contractor has:

  • A permanent address

  • A business telephone number

  • A tax identification number

Insist on seeing copies of insurance certificates that verify Workers Compensation and General Liability coverage. Make sure the coverage is in effect through the duration of your project. If a contractor is not properly insured, you, the business owner or homeowner, may be liable for accidents that occur on the property.


Check to see if your stucco contractor is properly licensed and capable of securing a bond. The California Department of Consumer Affairs will have this information.


When choosing a contractor, look for the following indicators that suggest financial stability:

  • Longevity of the business

  • Permanent place of business

  • The contractor has not recently changed names, or moved locations

  • The contractor has long-standing relationships with local banks, stucco product manufacturers, and distributors


Ask for a list of projects the contractor has completed that are similar to yours. A professional contractor should be able to supply you with this information


Insist on a written estimate. Examine it for complete descriptions of the work and specifications.


When making the final selection, ask the stucco contractor for references. Check to see if they were completely satisfied with the quality of materials and workmanship provided.


Let's get in touch and get to work. Call us at (760) 324-2330

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