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EST 1977


Since 1977, Stucco Dr has known that consistent high-quality work, and responsive professional service are the keys to a successful business. We are the leading installer of exterior stucco and stucco repair everywhere in the Coachella Valley. Our professional approach to each project ensures that we deliver quality service to our customers at the right price. No job is too small or too big for us. If you have a small or large scale project that needs to be completed on-time, on-budget and to perfection or you are planning a renovation to the exterior of your home or business, Stucco Dr will put all the effort to make your wish come true. We have the knowledge and expertise to work with you and discuss the perfect solution for your next project.

We know the most successful methods for plastering, stucco, and texture matching. Although technology has changed, Stucco Dr uses the same proven skills and techniques that the first plastering and stucco generation used. At Stucco Dr we blend the newest technology and methods with the time tested know-how and commitment to client satisfaction. We take pride in our work making sure that the finished product is perfect.

Stucco Dr approaches each project both as a team and as a client-partner. Our philosophy rests upon the major pillars that have endured the test of time; integrity, honesty, dedication and trust.


Business Owner
Steve is the fourth generation of a lath & plastering family business. Double majoring in business administration and  human resource management. Steve has been involved in the trade of lath & plaster since 12 years old. Steve has been the head of the company since he took over in 2016. Steve has worked on several projects from small to commercial through the entire Coachella Valley. Steve brings a wealth of knowledge and outstanding business morals and an outstanding crew with several years of experience. Steve was taught the family business by his father. Ethics such as morals, honor, integrity, hard work, and appreciation of our customers were instilled in Steve by his father. These have kept a company, a family, and a name proud to be associated with for over 44 years. Steve has kept these ethics close to his heart with his customers and workforce.

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George resides in Palm Desert, CA with his wife and family. George brings a wealth of knowledge in lath and plaster here in the Coachella Valley with over 50+ years experience. George has a B-1 General Contractors License and a C-35 Plastering License and has been contracting for over 44 years. Having served thousands of projects from a small stucco repair to custom high end homes, HOA’s and Commercial properties. 



Stucco Dr is a fourth-generation family business with a distinguished history of over 100 years in lath and plaster. Regardless of the extent of your project or the constraints of your budget, we vow to give your home our unwavering attention to detail. As a locally based company, our objective is clear: to dedicate ourselves completely to the satisfaction of each and every customer we serve.

Quality Passed Down Through Generations!

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